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Hi! I am Nam Khanh, a male high-school student living in Hanoi, Vietnam. I’ve been learning French since grade 9, and I find it interesting and enjoyable. Although I’m not fluent in French yet, I decided to create this website to share my knowledge and teach others who might be looking to learn the language. It is my hope that we can learn from each other and develop our language skills together!

In an increasingly interconnected world, it is more crucial than ever to build the skills necessary to connect with people from differing backgrounds and lived experiences. Learning another language is one of the most important skills to develop in order to improve communication and interpersonal skills, and to learn about cultures different from your own.

Unfortunately, one limitation I've noticed in Vietnam is the lack of accessible education, particularly in regards to learning a foreign language. Not every student has had the opportunities I've had to study at a school with a robust foreign language program. This prompted me to think of ways to bridge this gap of opportunity, and what better way to share my knowledge than through a free, easy-to-use website?

Therefore, I developed this platform to provide accessible, free, and engaging content for others to utilize in order to build their French skills. Here, you can learn French grammar and vocabulary, as well as short stories in French, and information about culture and tourism. Through this project, I hope many people acquire some knowledge, understand why it’s so engaging, and be inspired to teach others about it.